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5 Types of Countertops for Tough Kitchens

If you’re a heavy kitchen user, you need durable materials that can roll with the punches. Believe it or not, you can achieve a well-designed kitchen with hard-wearing countertops that match your kitchen style. In choosing the best countertop for this room, be practical and think of quality. While beauty and quality come with a price, there are many affordable materials available that can perform the same as the high-end ones.

Check out these types of countertops and see what’s best for your kitchen needs.

5 Types of Countertops for Tough Kitchens
  • 1.   Quartz – Since we’re talking about durability, this material is the king of toughness. This man-made stone is made of crushed quartz mixed with resin and other minerals to produce an appearance as good as a real granite. Quartz also has solid colors available, and you wouldn’t run out of choices to choose what design is suitable for your remodel.
    Cost per square foot: $40 - $100

    • Pros:
    • Heavy-duty under regular kitchen use
    • No match for knife cuts
    •   Chips and cracks are not in this stone’s vocabulary
    • Resistant to stain and bacteria
    • No periodic sealing required for this tough guy
    • Cons:
    • It is pricey
    • It is not heat-resistant
  • 2.   Granite – This recently dethroned king of countertops is still one of the best countertops there is. Its beauty fits any kitchen design, and having a natural stone in your home adds more character and attitude in any aspect. Colors range from dark to light with all sorts of streaks and variations.

    Cost per square foot: $40 - $100

    • Pros:
    • Heat resistant ideal for accidentally placing hot pans
    • Tough and hard-wearing
    •   With regular sealing, it can stand up to stains
    • Cons:
    • It is tough, but not as tough as quartz
    • It can chip under any heavy impact, so watch out for unintentional clunk of any object
    •   Without regular sealing, oil and water can seep into the stone
  • 3.   Laminate – It is the most practical when it comes to getting the job done. This material can survive under the toughest kitchens considering it is primarily made of kraft paper infused with resins. Be overwhelmed with hundreds of colors and patterns that also come in different textures. You can even have laminate custom countertops of your design.

    Cost per square foot: $10 - $40

    • Pros:
    • It is very much affordable
    • It is nonporous, so it doesn’t need resealing
    •   You can customize it to mimic any material from wood to granite
    • It resists stains
    • Cons:
    • It is not that durable as it can crack, scratch, and scorch easily.
    • It is too cheap for some homebuyers.
  • 4.   Solid- Surface – It is made from acrylic, polyester resins, and a dash of marble dust that fits the middle-tier category of countertop materials. You can choose from many styles and patterns that also mimic the looks of granite and marble.

    Cost per square foot: $35 - $100

    • Pros:
    • It is nonporous, which means it doesn’t need any resealing
    • If ever you have to deal with scratches, you just have to sand them away
    •   It offers a seamless look
    • Cons:
    • It is not heat resistant
    • It may look like granite, but it doesn’t have the charm and oomph of a natural stone.
  • 5.   Tile – It is one of the classic materials used for countertops. You can transform outdated designs to look crafty or modern as this is a versatile product.

    Cost per square foot: $5 - $30

    • Pros:
    • It is very affordable and easy to install
    • It can also resist cuts, stains, and even heat
    •   If one tile gets cracked, you can easily replace it
    • You can design it to any style you want by mixing and matching colors and styles to make your countertop unique
    • Cons:
    • It easily cracks under any tough impact, so avoid dropping anything heavy on this station
    • It has an uneven surface since it has grout lines
    •   Grout lines are annoying and backbreaking to clean



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