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Soapstone | PROS and CONS

Soapstone, also called steatite, is quarried in mines since it is for a fact, a natural stone. Its proudest feature is its beauty as it gives a milky warmth appearance. Go to showrooms and try to touch this mineral. See for yourself what its soft, bar soap texture is all about. It is made up of 50 percent talc, which gives the same feel as regular soap. The other 50 percent is from a variety of other minerals making it effectively ensure active kitchen use.

There are two categories of soapstone, one is artistic, and the other is architectural. Artistic soapstone contains 75 percent talc, ideal for sculpting and carving. On the other hand, architectural soapstone has lesser talc content containing 60 percent. This is primarily used for countertops and fixtures such as sinks and fireplaces.

Soapstone Countertop Chicago

If you’re thinking of getting soapstone as your countertop, weigh out these pros and cons and decide whether this material is a good fit for you.


  • It carries significant beauty.
    It brings a natural warm ambiance in the room with its milky pattern that complements classic to contemporary styles. Soapstone countertops Chicago is rich in beauty that captivates many homeowners by its dramatic veining of a true quarried stone.
  • It comes in many different shades.
    Soapstone comes in dark gray to black color. Muted grays, gray-blue, or gray-green are common, while soapstone white countertops are quite similar to marble. With its color selection, you have an array of attractive style options suited for your kitchen or bathroom design.
  • It is heat resistant
    This is an excellent material for people who don’t like using trivets or hot pads. You can simply put a hot pan directly on its surface and not think of ruining your countertop. No damage, no burn marks, no cracks. It is one of its impressive features one should pay more attention to.
  • Low maintenance
    It is known that soapstone is nonporous, meaning it can resist stains, bacteria, acids, and chemicals. But one special feature this natural stone has is that it doesn’t need any sealing. Cleaning is not a hassle with a mild soap solution, water, and a soft cloth.
  • It is environmentally friendly
    This material is 100 percent natural and doesn’t need any toxic cleaning chemicals or sealers. It is also considered a green building material since it wasn’t produced with any harmful chemicals and is completely recyclable.


  • It is expensive
    Stone countertops Chicago can be a bit pricey. It is generally more expensive than granite and other engineered stone.
  • Low durability in chips and dents
    The softness quality of the stone makes it less brittle and impervious to cracking, the downside of its soft surface is that it can damage when glass or cookware is dropped. Heavy impact can chip your soapstone. You should never think about slicing anything without using a cutting board. Dropping a can of beans can leave a nick.
  • It has more visible seams
    If you plan on having a long slab of soapstone, you might find this difficult. You’ll get yourself a countertop with seams since most soapstone comes in shorter lengths.
  • Routine oil application
    Soapstone can darken over time, and by applying mineral oil, it can even out its patina. Oiling helps to eliminate any watermarks on the surface. And for some, applying mineral oil leaves an oily residue causing an icky feel to the touch.

The average cost of this material is around $70 to $120 per square foot. Still, there are more affordable options of soapstone that can fit your budget. Its price varies depending on the supplier, quality, thickness, and design – all that needs to be considered when buying any material you need for renovation.



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