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Is Quartz Superior to Granite?

Before we conclude whether quartz counters Chicago are better than granite, we must familiarize ourselves with the basics. We all know that granite is a natural stone quarried from the earth's ground where there are no two slabs alike. Meanwhile, quartz is not entirely a natural stone. However, it is composed of 95 percent natural quartz, and its remaining 5 percent is polymer resins. That's why it is called an engineered stone. 

Quartz Countertop Chicago

Let’s get things straight. A Quartz countertop Chicago:

  • Is a hard and manmade material
  • Is an aggregate of other stone-line materials bonded with resins and pressed into sheets to form slabs
  • Is nonporous where stain, bacteria, or mold won’t penetrate its surface
  • Is heavier than granite 
  • Does not require sealing since the resins enough act as the sealant 
  • Has few imperfections since its production is controlled
  • Have warranties of 10 to 15 years depending on the manufacturer

To give you a side by side comparison of quartz and granite, here are four categories to help you decide:

  • 1.  Price
    Quartz and granite have close to similar pricing per square foot. Yet granite has a broader variation in pricing. At times, granite can be more expensive depending on how rare you want its colors and styles. But since quartz is making a reputable name in the market, granite has lowered its prices. Since it's widely available and common, it has lesser demands than quartz. Both materials vary in price by category of entry-level to high-end quality.
    Cost of installation
    $1,500 to $5,500
    $2,000 to $4,000
  • 2.   Durability
    Both stones are some of the hardest minerals on earth. Granite can be invincible as long as it is properly sealed. While both can have lifespans of 25 to 50 years, quartz wins this round.  
    • Quartz:
    • Quartz countertops are harder than granite.
    • It doesn’t require any sealing or resealing for care.
    •   It is nonporous and can be considered an antimicrobial material.
    • Quartz cannot withstand extreme heat.
    • Granite:
    • At installation, granite countertops need to be sealed and resealed every once a year or depending on how active the user is in the kitchen.
    • This durable stone is more prone to crack and chip than quartz.
    •   It is a naturally porous material prone to stains and spills - when left sitting can penetrate its surface.
    • High impacts can damage the countertop.
  • 3.  Appearance 
    Equally design-friendly, these materials have their appeal. There is no winner here since appearance would depend on personal preferences. 

    Quartz has a more uniform look. It has a natural luster that can imitate stone. If you want a more consistent and seamless display, quartz has this as an advantage. You can even customize designs by adding more pigments to its manufacturing. Then again, it will cost more but having the freedom to do so are plus points. And have you seen white quartz countertops? They look more neat and majestic than granite's off-white designs.

    Granite comes in different slabs, making it difficult to achieve a seamless pattern. However, some find this outstanding as its individuality makes it its edge among other materials. You also have a limitless selection of colors and designs that can balance your kitchen's whole look.  
  • 4.  Maintenance
    When it comes to preserving these materials, both are low maintenance. Also, they both require little effort in cleaning. 
    Since it doesn’t require any sealing, you just have to clean it regularly.
    In order to enjoy its supreme qualities, it requires to be properly sealed and resealed repeatedly. It also needs to be cleaned daily with mild soap to avoid any bacteria buildup.

In conclusion, quartz appears to be superior to granite. It's more durable, longer-lasting, and easier to maintain. However, it may be more expensive, according to the type you choose. Either way, both are excellent materials fit for any kitchen. 



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