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Marble Myths and Facts

Marble is still one of the most sought-after materials for home renovations. Years ago, it was too expensive for many people, and today it is among the more affordable stones available in the market. Marble is so versatile that it can be used for countertops, floorings, walls, and various surfaces. However, many are hesitant to choose this marvelous stone as myths make homeowners second guess the qualities of this natural stone. Here are some misconceptions and facts about marble:

Marble Countertop Chicago

  1. Marble is more of luxury, less of practicality

Marble is certainly not cheap; however, it has been made affordable and obtainable for many homeowners these days. What remains expensive are marble’s rare types. Clearly, the rarer it is, the higher it costs. Do consider that there are grades or marble that are abundant and less expensive. 

Also, it is as practical as granite and soapstone. Marble slab Chicago is a perfect candidate for kitchen users who love baking and cooking. It's hard, cold, and smooth surface are ideal for kneading bread or rolling dough for pizza, cookies, and pies. 

  1. Marble demands high maintenance

It is a natural stone; therefore, it is porous. That is why it requires proper sealant, just like granite. Essentially, having your marble sealed will lead you to no problems at all. Marble doesn’t need any serious attention on its upkeep. Once your marble countertop Chicago is installed, sealing is all that matters. There are some cases where one sealing is enough. However, sealants won’t actually prevent stains, but just gives you enough time to wipe spills before it seeps in. 

And just like any material for countertops, daily maintenance is a good habit. With warm water and mild dish soap, you can easily wipe clean your marble counter with a soft cloth. If there’s a chance you got to stain your marble, baking soda and water can do the trick. 

  1. Marble is one of the weakest stones

This is not true as marble has been used in the construction of buildings thousands of years ago. Famous sites such as The Pantheon are decorated with marble, and until today it holds strong. Taj Mahal is said to be made of white marble built way back in 1632. Though it is considered to be soft rock - it is durable, and it has a strong surface. With proper care, marble can also last you a lifetime. 

  1. Marble is not fit for food preparations

Another myth people seem to believe is that marble harbors bacteria, which is why it is not suitable for meal preparations. Some sites claim that marble contains antimicrobial or antibacterial properties that discourage bacterial growth. Again, just like any other natural stone, it requires a sealant. Once it is sealed, it should be a safe surface to prepare food. In case you didn’t know, many industrial kitchens use marble to do chocolate work and pastries because of its cold surface. 

  1. Marble is vulnerable to scratches

This may be a little true; however, one scratch wouldn’t entirely break your marble countertop. If this is your main concern, opt for a honed finish. Polished marble countertops tend to reveal scratches more visually. It is more vulnerable to scratches and dents than granite. Nevertheless, these problems are avoidable if you’re a careful user. Whether you have granite, wood, or marble, you still have the same commitment to taking care of your materials as this is a responsibility of a kitchen user. White marble countertops age elegantly even with scratches as it adds character to any kitchen design.

Marble Countertop Chicago

Marble has qualities that set it apart from other materials. You should give marble a chance by trying out its capabilities yourself. Hopefully, debunking some of its myths could have given you a clear thought about this stone.

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