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Kitchen Counters Design Trends

The kitchen countertops Chicago is one of the essential parts of the kitchen. It is not just about its purpose and functionality, but it is the foundation of your kitchen décor as well. For some homeowners, they will initially decide on the material to use as their countertop before they think of the whole concept of the kitchen. It's as if the design depends on the countertop because of the significant impact on kitchen users.
Usually, in kitchen renovations, the countertop is responsible for setting the whole room's tone and feel. It can also determine the personality of the homeowner. Besides how important the material is, the finishing and design of the countertop will affect everything.

Kitchen Countertops Chicago

The kitchen has grown valuable in residentials. It is not only a place for food preparations but dinners and gatherings as well. Thus, many homeowners wanted to amplify their kitchen into a room that is presentable for entertaining guests and loved ones. And with that, many trends have popped to make your kitchen remarkable and well-designed.

  • 1.  Quartz is the king of countertops
    If you disagree, then you should try it out yourself to experience its impressive qualities. Granite kitchen countertops have fought a good game in proving themselves as one of the most respected materials for countertops. However, quartz slowly made its way into the top spot as a better alternative for granite. Quartz has lesser issues as it is nonporous and doesn't require any regular sealing. While granite is a natural stone, thus it is porous and requires re-sealing every year. You can enjoy many patterns, colors, and finish with quartz. People are impressed about how it continues to improve in many aspects by being the new king of countertops.  
  • 2.  Veins and Patterns are everything
    Simplicity doesn't have to mean plain or one solid color. You can achieve a minimalist look with veining and patterns for your kitchen counters Chicago. If you want a natural stone's appearance, but you don't like the material's quality, choose an engineered stone and have it mimic its exact look. Quartz can be customized by adding pigments to develop different patterns and veins, just as granite or marble would look like.
  • 3.  Kitchen sinks can be an accent design
    Modern-styled sinks are prized in the kitchen these days. Homeowners loved the idea of an integrated sink in their countertop. Matte black sinks and other sink fixtures made noise in modern kitchen designs. Sink finishes such as gold or brass have taken the spotlight away from your typical silver metal sink.
    Another trend going around is oversized sinks, which are perfect for functionality. Homeowners often pair it with oversized refrigerators taking the quote "Go big or go home" to heart.  
  • 4.  Neutral tones are always trending
    Darks neutrals have been set aside for a while as soft neutrals are gaining popularity in kitchen designs. You'll see many soft beige, white, and light grays as it helps to neutralize individual components in the room. You can still experiment with different tones and hues as long as it can highlight other bold elements in the kitchen.
  • 5.  Concrete is here to play
    If you want a more distinguished urban aesthetic, there are inspiring concrete designs that can implement an industrial ambiance in your kitchen. You'll enjoy a cloud-like patina that may look like soapstone but still be able to determine that it is concrete. Or you can have monochromatic tonal variations taking your kitchen more into the artsy-fartsy side.
  • 6.  Going for sustainable materials
    Helping the environment is not just a trend; it is our duty to do as much as we can to protect it. Choosing sustainable materials for your kitchen can reduce the carbon footprint that mother earth will appreciate. There are recyclable countertop materials made up of 75 percent recycled glass and cement, free of toxic chemicals and plastic resins. It also offers a wide range of colors and patterns that can fit your kitchen design.



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