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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, don’t leave the backsplash last. Creating it is fun to do, and it is the perfect area to be bold with your design. If you’ve played safe with most of the project by choosing white walls, plain cabinets, or basic flooring, this is the time you can unleash some of your boldest backsplash ideas.

A backsplash is found directly behind sinks or cooking ranges to protect the wall from any splashes of water, grease, or oil. This vertical extension of the counter can go up a few inches high or reach the ceiling. It typically stretches from the entire length of your counter, so this piece is very noticeable.

Kitchen Backsplash Chicago

Generally, most backsplashes are built with tiles – glass mosaic is the most popular form. Kitchen backsplash Chicago allows you to be creative, which is why there are plenty of materials to consider on constructing it. Granite, Silestone, and stainless steel are just some of the common materials other than tiles. Many homeowners prefer a more cohesive or solid look using the same material used in their counters to make the backsplash. But on the trendier side, sheet glass is standing out as you can paint the out-facing side to keep itself from wear and tears.

Check out these backsplash ideas and see if any of these fit your personal style.

  • 1.  Beadboard – It is a lightweight material that can be painted or left raw. Have it installed in chevron design or whatever pattern you like that you think will set it unique from other kitchen designs. Protect this wood material using washable paint or with marine varnish.
  • 2.  Stone – Most homeowners choose real stone for their backsplash as it provides a warm feel and a little hint of European vibes. It is a strong material that is functional and aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • 3.  Brick – If you love the rustic ambiance, an accent brick veneer backsplash is just what you need. Veneer bricks are thin, so you can easily cut around them to have a seamless layout.
  • 4.  Mirror – Very few among kitchens will you see mirrors around the room. Using mirrors as your backsplash is ideal if you have low lighting conditions to brighten the area while adding a modern twist. It can also create an illusion of a bigger kitchen space.
  • 5.  Pegboard – To make this area of the kitchen more functional, why not install a pegboard as your backsplash. It can be painted any color you want - from soft pastels to bold stencil patterns. You’ll have a more organized kitchen with this backsplash idea.
  • 6.  Pennies – Another unique design idea is by installing pennies. It can also create a rustic feel that will make your backsplash a masterpiece made with patience.
  • 7.  Metallic – More on deep copper, gold, and bronze, this backsplash set the kitchen’s mood. It adds character and a sparkling personality to the whole room.
  • 8.  Marble and pearl – This elegant design tile is perfect for a dash of minimalist elegance. Paired with marble, strands of pearl as vining is stunning and whispers a sophisticated look.

You can look for more inspirations and concepts that will help you decide what to do with this part of the kitchen. Choosing versatile colors should be on your checklist to achieve a cohesive design. You can always mix and match materials to create a unique style that boosts your kitchen’s character.  

Consider more functional materials that are durable for kitchen sinks Chicago. It would be a great deal to achieve the look that you have in mind by not overspending too much on the material and installation.



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