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Benefits of Granite Countertops for Any Design

Granite is one of the most desired materials to use in modern kitchens. Besides aesthetics, granite countertops Chicago have many qualities for you to consider in your kitchen or bathroom remodeling. If your goal is to have an upscale kitchen, this high-end natural stone instantly adds luxury to the whole room.

Using granite for countertops has benefits that will make your home a more welcoming space. If it fits your budget, you can take advantage of its makings.

Granite Countertops Chicago
  • 1.  Granite countertops are highly durable.
    Granite is an incredibly tough stone. It is exceptionally hard that makes it difficult to scratch or chip even on frequent use. It takes another piece of granite or diamond to scratch this solid stone. Just make sure you have it resealed every year or two, and you'll be able to do any rough cooking without fear of damaging your precious granite.
  • 2.  You can choose from many unique color options.
    It's true – no single granite slab looks identical. You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns without thinking you might have the same design as your neighbor. One of the reasons why homeowners love this material is that it enables you to have a unique countertop that doesn't exist anywhere else. 
  • 3.  Granite counters are aesthetically appealing.
    The beautiful colors and patterns of granite exude exceptional appeal to your kitchen design. It can complement any style by bringing warmth and vivacity to the room.
  • 4.  It can increase your home's market value.
    Among many homebuyers, granite is so popular that they consider it a "must-have." Its timeless appeal keeps its name one of the top choices for kitchen counters. Having this installed can potentially up your house's value by 25 percent. Not to mention that when you have granite top counters Chicago, homebuyers are more attracted and impressed – making them more interested in buying your home.
  • 5.  Granite countertops can resist bacteria.
    Functionality-wise, you want a material that can stand up to germs and dirt for the sake of your family's hygiene and safety. Professionally sealed granite makes it not porous. And by that, things are less likely to soak into your granite counter. You don't have to worry about dirt, bacteria, grease, grime build-ups to plague in your kitchen.
  • 6.  It is family-friendly.
    Again, a properly sealed granite is invincible. Spills and stains by your littles kids are no trouble. You also don't have to mind family members who forget to use trivets for hot pans since your granite countertop can take all heat on its surface. And in case you have a furry little member in your family, granite can take abuse from your cat's usual claw-scratching routine.
  • 7.  Granite counters are flat and stable.
    Perfect for rolling out the dough for your cookies and kneading bread, granite is famous for its solid flat surface. It is a perfect space for cooking and baking as this stands firm and impeccably flat for any kitchen activity.  
  • 8.  It is environmentally friendly.
    Granite is a genuine material that doesn't go through any harmful manufacturing procedure as it is a natural product of our planet. There are no toxic chemicals to produce this material as it is quarried from the ground. When appropriately maintained, high-grade granite will last you a lifetime – meaning you don't have to toss it away as it can be reused or even passed on to your kids, which can reduce waste in landfills.  
  • 9.  Granite is easy to maintain and clean.
    Yes, granite countertops are low maintenance. Simple and easy upkeep, this material requires little effort when it comes to cleaning and polishing. If it's not expressed enough, it's basically all about sealing. Having it regularly resealed will protect it from the daily abuse of kitchen use. Cleaning is as simple as gentle dish soap and water to wipe off some dust and the like.
  • 10.  Repairs are easy.
    If you happen to do scratch or chip this vigorous stone, take it easy. Call your contractor or have it repaired by a professional. They'll have it repaired in a pinch.



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