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Cleaning | Proper Care for Your Granite Countertop

Your granite countertop is an investment in your kitchen; that’s why it deserves proper care and attention, no matter how low-maintenance suppliers claim it to be. As a responsible granite owner, you must know what products to use and not use when cleaning this natural porous stone.
You must be aware of the difference between granite cleaning products from granite polishing Chicago. There is also a combination of both, but you still have to be careful about what to choose. If you love supporting organic products, there are granite cleaners with natural ingredients that can work on stains as well.
What are the Types of Granite Cleaners?

Granite Cleaning Chicago
  • 1.  Daily Cleaning Products
    Your kitchen countertop takes a daily beating from your whole family. Coffee spills, drips of sauces and food or whatnot, and many more are your everyday dirt and grime that tends to build on your countertop if not cleaned properly.
    Granite cleaning Chicago will make your countertop maintain its beauty and protect it from getting stains. Use a daily cleanser that is not harmful and too strong. A quick spray and wipe will prevent any stain buildup. Choose cleaners that are safe to use on granite and are safe for everyday use. Read the ingredients and make sure it doesn’t have a polishing component. Daily polishing can cause more buildup that will lead to a dull-looking granite countertop.  
  • 2.  Polishing Products
    Cleaning your kitchen counter every day might somehow cause the granite’s shine to fade. It might look a little cloudy, but this is not an issue. You just need to polish the surface of the counter with a proper polisher. There are stand-alone polishes available in the market where they can be used weekly. It’s different from sealers since polishes only revive the shine back and do not really protect it from any damage.  
  • 3.  Sealers
    Being the responsible granite owner that you are, you already know the significance of using sealers. Sealers are resin dissolved in a solvent that acts as your protection towards many granite issues. It is applied to the stone’s surface and left to be absorbed a few minutes into the stone’s pores. Once dried and polished off, you now have a seal to protect your countertop from spills and stains.
    Do take note that applying sealers will not totally block the absorption of spills; it will only provide you more time to clean the spill up for it not to stain and get absorbed into the stone. The frequency of resealing will depend on the sealer used and the condition of your granite. You can perform a simple test to know if your granite needs sealing. By leaving a few drops of water on the counter and timing the rate of absorption, you’ll know if it’s time to seal. If the water is absorbed, it clearly needs sealing; if not, it’s not yet time.
  • 4.  All-purpose Cleaners
    If you don’t have the time to apply every type of cleaner for your granite, there are all-in-one care products that can clean, polish, and seal. With just one spray, you can wipe it off into a smooth and shiny granite counter. It is important to read the instructions and follow them strictly to avoid any damage or issues that might come up if you overdo it.
    Granite is an excellent stone that can stand by you for many years, and taking good care of it will prolong its quality and appeal. Get your facts straight, contact your contractor, and ask about how to preserve your granite counter correctly.
    It is essential to maintain and clean granite countertops properly. Besides, it only takes a little effort to maintain this stone.



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