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Countertop Restoration

Replacing your countertop is expensive; material and installation costs are what make it pricey. Refinishing can be a low-cost remodeling option to update your kitchen countertop. You can refinish it if it has many visible damages already, or it’s a bit worn out over the years. If you just want to change the color, it is possible as well.

Countertops restoration Chicago depends on the counter’s condition; whether it needs refinishing or resurfacing. If your counter needs repair from scratches and stains, you just need countertop refinishing Chicago. It is the application of a hard and durable acrylic coating or epoxy applied to the surface. You’ll save up to 30% to 50% of replacement costs. So, if you want to restore your countertop, instead of replacing it, have it buffed or sanded away to make it new again.

Countertops Restoration Chicago

Countertop resurfacing Chicago is another budget-friendly remodeling option for updating your kitchen design. You can choose from cost-effective options such as laminate, tiles, and paint - while you get to save more money.  

The average cost of refinishing counters is $400; however, it may still vary depending on the refinishing material and work that needs to be done on your kitchen countertop.

  • Paint and Sealant
    Cost per square foot: $2 to $4
    The easiest and most affordable way to give your kitchen a new look is with new paint. You can hire a professional or do it yourself if you have the time. The process is simple; the countertop will be sanded down first. Then primer is applied before you start painting. After that, you can seal it for protection. Though there are wide ranges of colors available, painting may not be suitable for all kinds of surfaces. This is usually best for tile countertops.
  • A New Laminate
    Cost per square foot: $3 to $6
    It is another cheap option for refinishing, perfect for laminate countertops. A new sheet of laminate is put over the existing one, and it will cover your worries away, such as scratches and stains that appeared over time. You also have plenty of designs and colors to pick for your new countertop.
  • With Polymer Resin
    Cost per square foot: $4 to $8
    This refinishing option is composed of polymer blends that can be customized to any color you prefer. It can imitate the look of a real granite stone while remaining below budget.
  •  With Epoxy Coating
    Cost per square foot: $4 to $8
    It may be a bit more costly than the other refinishing products, yet people still prefer epoxy coating for its durability, strength, and design volume. It can copy the looks of granite and marble without costing you more money.

Cost of Countertop Refinishing by Material

  • Granite
    Cost per square foot: $4 to $8
    Since granite is a natural stone, epoxy coating is the best refinishing option. Epoxy can match your granite’s appearance, at the same time, cover cracks and scratches to make them as good as new.
  • Quartz
    Cost per square foot: $4 to $8
    The best method for quartz countertops is an epoxy coating. Since quartz alone is already strong and durable, the epoxy coating can improve color and hide imperfections away.
  •  Marble
    Cost per square foot: $4 to $8
    This expensive stone can be refinished back to its natural beauty with epoxy coating as well. Marble is expensive, so instead of replacing it with new marble, epoxy is a good friend that can refinish and refresh your marble countertop by hiding chips and scratches on the surface.
  •  Tiles and Porcelain
    Cost per square foot: $2 to $4
    The best method to refinish your tile or porcelain countertop is by painting and sealing. If you have time and enough skills to do the painting yourself, you’ll enjoy this refinishing experience without having to pay for a professional.



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