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Bathroom Vanity Sinks

The bathroom is a personal space that provides you peace and comfort. You would not want a dysfunctional and messy one. Choosing the right bathroom vanity with sink will help you relax and appreciate the few minutes you spend in this room.

When you’re renovating your bathroom, the vanity can bring so much impact on the whole area. You would want this to be both functional and appealing. Whether you have a big or small bathroom, choosing the suitable fit can make the room more spacious and comfortable.

Bathroom Vanity Chicago

There are many options that you can choose from - according to your bathroom layout, budget, and taste. Check out the common types of bathroom vanities and sinks.

  • 1.  Pedestal sink
    This classic type of sink is ideal for small bathrooms. It is floor-mounted, and plumbing lines are concealed in the pedestal sink. You may think it is common and plain; however, it is a perfect focal point if your walls are too loud or you need something to balance out the boldness of the tiles you chose.
  • 2.  Wall-mounted sink
    A classic type of sink as well, this is probably the most basic bathroom sink out there. If you really have a tight bathroom or even a tight budget, wall-mounted sinks are ideal. These sinks are directly mounted on the wall, which means it doesn’t have any floor support. Plumbing lines show, but you can hide them with a shroud or underside cover.
  • 3.  Vessel-sink
    Vessel-sink vanities are on-trend as it is a fresh concept of what ordinary bathroom sinks look like. The sink is basically like a vessel sitting on top of a floor-mounted countertop or vanity base. The faucets are non-standard, which means it is either deck mounted or wall-mounted. Some people view vessel-sink vanities as an artistic approach in modern bathroom design. The vessel can be made from porcelain, granite, alabaster, or even art glass. You have the freedom to choose what you would want since customization is possible and affordable. Plumbing lines can be exposed or concealed depending on the vanity base you have.
  • 4.  Drop-in
    Another classic sink type is the drop-in sinks, which are surface-mounted where your bathroom vanity Chicago countertop could be plastic laminate, stone, ceramic tile, or synthetic. Plumbing lines are concealed.
  • 5.  Undermount
    It is mounted from the underside of the vanity countertop. It gives a premium, neat-looking sink that you commonly see in commercial facilities. It can only be installed into solid surface counters and not into laminates or tiles. The vanity base conceals plumbing lines.
  • 6.  Asymmetrical Vanity
    If you want something so unique, having an asymmetrical bathroom vanity will set you apart from many. There is no doubt that your guests will talk about how exceptional your vanity is. It may have exposed plumbing lines, but it somehow gives a weightless feel to the room with its asymmetrical structure. It is unexpected and unordinary that can still be functional as well.
  • 7.  Floating Marble
    If you have a spacious bathroom and you want to take it to the next level, why not have a floating marble vanity. Floating marble vanities are modern and minimal, that the stone alone can speak for itself. You can use natural wood as your open shelf on the bottom, which can be a safe place for all your bathroom needs.
  • 8.  Double 
    Mostly in master bathrooms, a double vanity is ideal for a large bathroom. His and her sinks can resolve issues in shared bathrooms. For couples, separated sinks can save you time if both of you are in a rush.
  • 9.  Cabinet
    Bathroom vanities with cabinets are perfect for your storage needs. Even if you have a small bathroom, cabinet-style vanities can fit the tiny space – with proper measurements, of course. It is ideal for double sinks as well. Having cabinets installed can make your bathroom cleaner and more organized.



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